Classes & Workshops

Basic level - Know your voice ( 8 to 10 sessions)

  • Overcome the fear of range and speed in singing
  • Sruthi / pitch accuracy
  • Power of the right techniques of breathing in singing
  • Dealing with the voice  during physiological  changes ( growth spurts  and emotional -stress, anxiety ,hyper activity , situations etc)

Level – 2 Harnessing the true potential of your voice

  • Voice modulation
  • Power of the right technique of breathing in singing
  • Use of articulation to suit different genres of music
  • Use of phonetics and diphthongs to suit different languages and idioms
  • Tips to enhance your performance as a performing musician in competitions
  • Selection of songs in shows and performances
  • Assess  strengths of your own voice

Music Enthusiasts

  • Bird’s eye view into the basic grammar of music
  • Dos and don’ts while singing
  • Tips and tricks of learning a song

Karaoke Singers

  • Orientation into the basic grammar of music and singing
  • Alignment and adherence to  sruthi and rhythm
  • Prioritization of the choice of the song knowing the natural strengths  of the singer in you
  • Optimising your strengths while performing

Dance Students

  • Basic grammar of singing
  • Concept of melodic rhythm
  • Importance of the knowledge of the sahitya
  • Complimentary aspects of singing for a good dance/dancer

American music teachers/composers/students

  • A peep into the different aspects of Indian music
  • Basics of Indian melody and rhythm
  • Convergence and divergence of both the systems
Devie’s Voice // Devie
  1. Devie’s Voice // Devie