Devie’s Musical Journey…

  • CONFLUENCE – Performing with her Guru & and the German and Swiss National band.
  • Devie ‘s devotional show on TV
  • With Bappi Lahiri while recording for him
  • With Smt.Chitra during a show
  • With the famous German drummer Carola Grey
  • Recording for a Malayalam Movie with Music composer Mohan Sitara
  • Performing with French Opera Singer Brigitte Hool
  • With actress Goutami and media person Mala Manyan
  • With Devie’s legendary Guru Padmabhushan Dr.T.V.Gopalakrishnan
  • With Isaignani Ilayaraja who introduced Devie to the Film Industry.
  • With film director Babu Narayanan
  • Show with G.Venugopal
  • With her prize winning students
  • With the famous Kathak exponent Saswati Sen
  • With Smt.Sudha Raghunathan
  • With the wold famous saxophone legend Mr.John Handy
  • During a music and healing workshop for the orphanage of Baduga Tribe
  • With the Grammy award winner from Hollywood ,Thom Noble.


From a child winning countless prizes in innumerable competitions , to an iconic figure, running rings around the world Devie Neithiyar has enchanted thousands with her multiple genre concerts – Classical , devotional ,films, contemporary, jazz-fusion and music workshops. Once listeners hear her music, they have to agree that she is one of God’s most beautiful musical flowers, as her music is truly spell-binding.



Apart from her phenomenal musical extravagance, it is gratifying for a close observer to perceive her humane and giving nature. She is a Friend, Guide, Guru, Philosopher and Mentor to her disciples.To her listeners, she gives her heart and soul through her multifaceted voice like the Triveni Sangamam. But, perhaps the greatest lesson she teaches is how to nurture the Guru-Sishya relationship, for to her Guru, she is the Paramaananda Sishya



As a Director, Devie has been deeply involved in the day to day and long term projects of the Academy of Indian music & Arts (AIMA), a registered charitable trust. It is not just to her colleagues that she is a giver personified. As a socially aware person, Devie spends most of her spare time interacting with children from under privileged society, the young talents coming out of music and other professional institutions without support.



Devie’s Voice // Devie
  1. Devie’s Voice // Devie