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In this musical bonanza, the vehicle is music – the words are from the Vedas to the lisping lullaby for the child – the road stretches from Kashmir to kanyakumari – in the land where the past ,present and future are fused together in languages ,melodies ,rhythms and the undulating voice of Devie .



The power of chanting the lord’s name has been recorded in our Vedas.  ‘Pibare Naamarasam’ is a unique multi lingual devotional programme of Devie; designed to take us back to an exploration of that Bhakthi as expressed by various composers – historic and contemporary.



With melody in its purest form and expression of divine love through perfectly aesthetic music beyond genres , Devie though Melodivine will take the audience on a nostalgic voyage of Evergreen Love hits with a team of immaculately synchronised musicians.When the voices are projected against the symphony of instruments, it’s so easy to lose sense of time and space.

Classical Music


Indian classical music is the art music of the Indian subcontinent .The origins of Indian classical music can be found in the Vedas, dating back to 1500 BCE . Carnatic music, is concerned more with the compositions and the voice is indeed seen as the supreme instrument. The song is surely the most basic of human expressions, and the act of semantic content serves to reinforce music on emotional and intellectual levels. Devie s Classical Carnatic concerts highlight the devotion and beauty of this unique system with emphasis on melodic aesthetics and lyrical beauty.

Jam and Unite


This brings out the innate beauty and salient aspects of different forms of Indian music while harmonizing with the World music , retaining their elegance, grace and traditional character. The finer aspects are embellished by blending the technical intricacies, tones, colours and textures that each genre of music offers.

Devie’s Voice // Devie
  1. Devie’s Voice // Devie